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Let Gems In Music help orchastrate your life with our engaging workbooks.

Have you ever had a song speak to you so much that it caused you to take action? Experience the rhythm of business success with “The Ruler’s Back” workbook—your revolutionary guide to reinventing your business. Inspired by the iconic album “The Blueprint,” this isn’t just a book; it’s a movement. We have transformed the song’s verses into actionable business strategies with checklists, activities, charts, and lists designed to amplify your business acumen.

Wave goodbye to mundane business textbooks. “The Ruler’s Back” is for the visionaries craving a beat to their step-by-step journey towards entrepreneurial greatness. It’s the perfect harmony of strategy and activities simplified for those who want to learn by doing, not just reading.


Feeling overwhelmed by life’s relentless demands? Craving clarity and purpose but unsure where to start? “I’m Still Standing: How to Focus On What Matters” is your ultimate guide to reclaiming control and leading a more focused, fulfilling life.

This empowering workbook is packed with actionable strategies, engaging exercises, and insightful reflections designed to help you identify and manage your emotions, build resilience, and prioritize what truly matters. Discover how to create a balanced life filled with purpose and passion.